Apprenticeship Training Agency's provide a full suite of services designed to help employers engage in new apprenticeships. Members are licensed by the National Apprenticeship Service and provide expert services in the following areas:

Apprenticeship Consultancy

  • apprenticeship programme design
  • policy development and advisory
  • funding opportunities brokerage
  • press and publicity

Apprenticeship Recruitment Services

  • apprenticeship job vacancy specifications
  • job vacancy marketing
  • candidate attraction
  • pre-employment skills screening
  • candidate job interview preparation
  • long listing and shortlisting
  • interview scheduling
  • employer support during interview process

Apprenticeship Employment Services

  • apprenticeship job offers
  • apprenticeship contracts of employment
  • apprentice payroll
  • payroll administration (PAYE, NI, WPP, SSP)
  • HR
  • Contract billing

 Apprenticeship Training Services

  • procurement of training
  • design of training programmes and delivery models
  • training provider procurement
  • management of apprentices learning
  • agreement of individual learning plans
  • apprentice / learning tracking
  • training provider performance management and reporting

Apprenticeship Funding

  • funding advisory
  • grant administration
  • training provider employer fee negotiations

Apprentice Support and Mentoring

  • apprentice line manager training and support
  • apprentice mentoring
  • apprentice career planning
  • pastoral care, guidance and referrals
  • progression planning
  • apprentice / learning tracking


To find out more about our member services please visit our members page and contact an individual member organisation.